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Safety iBeacon

Bringing together behavioral risk assessment, reporting, and intervention in one complete system.

CrisisGo’s Safety iBeacon

An innovative solution that gives behavioral, discipline, and threat assessment teams the information and tools needed to assess and monitor risks in an individual's safety plan early, getting them the help needed for their specific case and assigning the appropriate level of intervention. Our user-friendly platform expands your business’s ability to support your stakeholders' mental health needs while proactively creating a culture of safety.

Survey students and staff to address the root cause of concerns and early identify those in need of mental health support.

Electronic scheduling of intelligent surveys and universal mental health screenings.

Simple dashboard to monitor progress, communication reports, and automatic report escalation.

Utilize all communication methods to collect tips via anonymous real-time two-way reporting, including in apps, webpage, emails, surveys, and others.

CrisisGo Safety iBeacon

Safety iBeacon with CrisisGo

Watch our video to see how CrisisGo's Safety iBeacon unites behavioral risk assessment, reporting, and intervention tools in a single solution.



Your Mental Health Action Steps

  1. Implement a communication education program for all staff and students. Introduce universal mental health screening for all stakeholders. Proactively survey staff and students and encourage reporting on self and others.

  2. Establish an anonymous self-reporting system that leads to preventative measures and support strategies. Extending prevention to daily behavior issues (e.g., drug abuse, harassment…)

  3. Conduct and manage team-based behavioral risk assessments, including post-assessment safety plan monitoring and behavioral interventions.  

  4. Extend the support team to community resources, including mental health and law enforcement.

Student Threat Assessment Manager

Conducting thorough student threat assessments can be a manual, complex process that starts by evaluating and diagnosing a threat. Most schools conduct student threat assessments in teams, which means collaboration and coordination are vital to conducting a successful assessment. Many student threat assessments are done with paper-based forms, notes, and reports that require hours investigating the threat, documenting the findings, and reporting the outcomes making multiple cases a year challenging for student threat assessment teams.
The CrisisGo Student Threat Assessment Manager allows your team to digitize this process to easily develop comprehensive targeted violence prevention plans that align to your schools' processes and procedures for providing student threat assessments or using the existing CSTAG or Federal NTAC guidelines.

Identify Threats

Receive tips from students, parents, and staff about threats found on social media, on-campus and more. School leaders receive threat reports.

Communicate and Confirm

The threat assessment team collaborates and confirms the severity of student threats.

Activate Threat Assessment Team

The assessment team opens a case, begins a threat assessment, and completes a student's safety plan as required.

View Threat Assessment Report

All team members can access report details, mark threat level, monitor progress, and export the final report to print.

Navigating the Storm Together

As we navigate the storm together and deal with the after-effects of COVID-19, student and staff mental health risks have never been higher. Safety iBeacon provides a comprehensive digital platform for all mental health risks, impossible with a paper-based process. By moving from paper to electronic systems, we're able to collect the data needed to make continuous improvements in interventions. Our digital tools help proactively communicate and engage in risk discovery from behavior and discipline issues to violent threats against themselves or others.

Integration with Safety iBeacon

Supported by all National Threat Assessment Models, Hybrid Models or district developed Models.

Integrated with school district directory services and student information systems to improve accuracy and ease of use.

FERPA, HIPAA compliant.

Safety iBeacon


Safe2SpeakUp Student App

The Safe2SpeakUp app is the student companion to CrisisGo's safety app that allows students to play their role in school safety. Using Safe2SpeakUp, students can report bully-related activity, submit safety tips about incidents at schools, and access safety resources during the event of an emergency.
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